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Low Loaders.

New 2022 model LD-24 & HD-34 Low Loaders available to pre-order now. Superior performance & reliability
by Power Engineering Waterford, Ireland.


Power Engineering LD 24 (58).JPG
Pawer Engineering Blue HD-34 (8).JPG
Power Engineering HD-24 JPC22 (37).JPG
LD-24 Black Edition (2).JPG
Power Engineering HD-34 LW Low Loader (7).JPG
Power Engineering Folding Wedge Ramps.JPG
2021-09-02 15.53.27.jpg
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Folding Wedge Ramps

Power Engineering HD-24 JPC22 (26).JPG
Contact for more info ...

- Options:
                - Standard Ramps/ XL Ramps
                - 2 Stage Folding Wedge Ramps
                - Bucket Rails
                - Specialist Hitch Options
​                - Bale Racks
                - Customer Logo Sign Plates
                - Side Storage Boxes
                - Hydraulic Leveling Rams
                - Marker Boards
                - Side Flood Lights
                - Outriggers
                - Side Steps
                - Galvanised Options
                - Colour Options
                - Contact us for more information
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